Friday, May 2, 2008

Where I was: London

May 2, 2007

After meeting with Lisa she took me down to the area where the Museum of Natural History is located. Instead of going to the museum I went for dinner because I was starving. I ate at Big China. I have been craving chinese food so bad. This was the first time I ate at a restaurant by myself. Lisa suggested going to Ben's cookies but it had closed so I got other cookies.

Today Lisa woke me up bright and early and we went to mail her package of stuff to my house (she obviously couldn't backpack with it. She was moving to NY so it was easier to ship to my house than her house all the way in Dallas.) She went to her presentation and I went to relax and pack. Then I went to the Embankment walk along the Thames. From the walk I got to see the London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament, Tower Bridge, Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, St. Paul's and other prettiness along the way. I'm glad I was able to see a bunch of London, but hope I can come back at some point in my life.

After my sightseeing, Lisa and I met up with her friend luke over to catch our bus to Amsterdam. Our backpacks are so HEAVY. The bus is crazy long. We just got off the ferry across the English Channel and now we are in France. The ferry was huge. It had a duty free, restaurant and arcade. Eight more hours until Amsterdam. So far the trip has been fun. We shall see what other mayhem comes our way.

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I want ot go to London so bad! ARG. And now, I'm also craving chinese food.