Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where I was: most of my thoughts from a nearly unedited version of my backpacking journal

May 1, 2007

I left Dublin this afternoon and it already feels like ages ago.

Dublin was such a relaxing and fun experience. I loved it. Most of my roommates moved out earlier last week and that was really hard for me. having four months there made it seem as though time would last forever.

After everyone left, Sarah, Lindsey and Kelly were still around. Linds left for Berlin and then Kelly to Italy. Sarah and I were the last to go. The four of us spent a lot of time just vegging. We also did a lot of cleaning since our darling roommates left all of their stuff all over.

Cleaning was very frustrating but we tried to think about all the good times in Dublin that went into making the mess as we cleaned.

Sarah is also going backpacking so once it was just us we helped each other get ready for our trips. It was definitely nice to have someone else around who could make me less nervous about this adventure.

I left my apartment at Dublin City University at 1:33 p.m. I love Dublin airport. It is just the right size and by now I knew it inside and out. I'm trying to be healthy this trip so I ate sushi. I slept on the plan and was in London before I knew it.

Lisa F. met me in Victoria station. I am really glad that I get to see her before I go. We hung out a little. I got to see her dorm which is really nice. It is in a really nice area called Kensington. She took me to meet Lisa Z. I was really excited to see her.

For a few days I was anxious and kind of questioning this whole trip, but once I saw Lisa (who is Lisa Z. and the lovely companion on the rest of this journey) I became really excited. Craziness ensued because Lisa informed me we'd be leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow when I thought we were going on May 4th. This trip is going to be willy nilly, plain and simple.

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