Thursday, May 8, 2008

We had allies in the Middle East?

You heard me. And what's amazing is that it was actually during most of our lifetimes.

You've also heard people crack political jokes about the fact that groups in Afghanistan are using weapons we supplied them with to fight us in the War on Terror. And it's true, but in defense of the US at the time--the USSR was a huge threat, and by supporting Afghanistan in their war against the USSR we were doing something in our interests. The stark reality of it all is frightening now, but could we have ever known. "Freedom fighters" like Osama Bin Laden were not the threat they are now to us back then, after all, they were fighting our enemy, right? Ok, so, you probably think I've lost my sanity--I actually believe that we shouldn't be giving weapons to anyone. Diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy. But isn't it interesting how things worked out.

Ok so, Iran. We were close, close allies with Iran for a long, long time. We supported Shah Reza Pahlavi. We had this nice little relationship based on oil. And then, revolution. The Ayatollah comes to power. Our relationship with Iran is basically over. The Shah gets cancer, and President Jimmy Carter lets him in for treatment. The Ayatollah is extremely angry. One thing leads to another and we have the hostage crisis. End of our relationship with Iran.

I'm going to go there (not literally, though I would consider it.) Iraq. We SUPPORTED Iraq against Iran during the 1980s. Especially since "our guy" wasn't in power anymore in Iran. But then Iraq annexes Kuwait--which has--OIL. Daddy Bush brings it to the Security Council and a coalition of states gets Iraq out of Kuwait in four days. End of our relationship with Iraq.

And throughout most of this--we supported Israel. Now Israel is our only friend in the region. Too bad Israel doesn't have too many friends in the region either.

My "History of IR from 1945 to Present" class stimulated my thoughts on this, and I had to share it with everyone for the good of humanity. I am truly amazed at how history has progressed and where it has brought us.

Maybe there is hope? Maybe we can be friends again? I'll give you my lunch if you'll be my friend?? Why can't international relations be that easy?

Let's talk about it.

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