Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Graduation, moving, new job...higher gas prices

I just got home from Boston after four amazing years in undergrad at BU. I can't believe I am a college graduate.

Anyhow, I am living at home this summer in Long Beach, NYwith my mom and commuting to the city where I work at a PR firm. My family just moved to Long Beach and the house is in shambles--I will blame my lack of writing on that situation.

Long Beach is everything you want: beach town, good night life, young people...

But it is further from other places on the island making me realize the higher gas prices even more. Luckily, I commute to work every day, but for those times I drive, I certainly feel it.

Looking at this more globally, however, it has such a significant impact.

I read this article in the New York Times today about American Airlines cutting back. Gas prices probably have something to do with this.

This move by American Airlines made me think about overall global trends, specifically the trend known as globalization. It's general opinion that the world will become more and more globalized. But if gas prices are too high, will it still be so easy to transport goods? Will high prices counteract the progress that has been made towards being more interconnected?

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