Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"A 20-something Spin" = Travel

While there are a variety of factors that differentiate a 20-something's view of the world from someone of previous generations, travel plays a major role. Many of my peers participated in study abroad programs or travelled independently during their collegiate or graduate years; this makes us very unique. Let me not discount the travel that I am sure many of our parents did, but with our globalizing world, traveling is much easier.

I always laugh when my parents are stressing about whether or not I have a physical plane ticket before I go to the airport, and remind them that I definitely DON'T have it because all I need is my passport and/or credit card.

A lot of what I believe and what I write about is shaped by the traveling that I have done--you can probably see that based on the "Where I was" segment that I just did publishing my journal that I kept while backpacking for all the world to see.

Traveling is an awesome opportunity to explore your habits, skills, weaknesses, preferences, dislikes...etc. Some people like mayhem and some people like order when they travel. The same people might learn that they prefer the opposite in real life. But for those that like order when they travel, hints from fellow travelers make the journey a little bit easier.

So, because I believe that traveling is an important part of developing "A 20-something Spin," I am going to begin a new segment to follow the end of the "Where I was" entries called "Tips for Trips."


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Dave said...

The study abroad program has become very popular in my school, Geneseo, as well. Expensive, but popular. I just spent a couple weeks in China and have recently become addicted to traveling to other countries.

I'm very envious of your international experiences!