Monday, April 7, 2008

What other bloggers are saying about "A 20-something Spin on Global Affairs"

RepCor says:

"Case in point: My dear friend Alessandra. She is one of the smartest girls I know: an academic to the tenth degree. She’s in a dual degree program here at BU, studying International Relations and Broadcast Journalism. Indeed, she is a nerd. But you wouldn’t really think of her as a blogger nerd.

Allie, after hearing all about my SM love, decided to join me in the blogosphere by authoring her own blog, A 20-something Spin on Global Affairs. She is THRILLED and says it’s a perfect outlet to express her frustration for foreign policy, troubling current events or even give her take on how to improve some problems going on overseas. It’s a smart site, and I’m really proud of her. Through her blog, she can share her great ideas with the world."

Check out "RepCor's" blog.

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