Sunday, April 27, 2008

Putting it all together

This ties into two of my entries: water resources and how you can help.

For Earth Week last week, BU dining went trayless to save water. I think this is a fantastic idea. We really don't need trays--it isn't so hard to make two trips to your table if necessary.

Anyhow, Earth Week is over and the trays are back, but I am not going to take one. This is my little way of contributing to water conservation, and I hope other BU students will join.

And you might wonder how this fits into my blog? Well, every drop less of water that we use means one drop more of water for someone who really needs it anywhere else around this globe.

Also, May 1st marks the day my dear friend Lisa and I began our European backpacking adventure last year. I wrote in a journal, and on the year later of every entry I plan to post some excerpts. I think it will contribute to this blog because it will show how I felt as a 20-year-old traveling around and experiencing new cultures. I hope this generates some excitement here.

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Samara said...

What a cool idea! I am glad BU did that. Imagine if all cafeterias went trayless...that would really make a difference.