Saturday, April 5, 2008

Il Sud d'Italia

I found this video on Current TV, and I think it is so important to share.

When we think of Italy, we think of beautiful scenery, art, food and music. We certainly do not think of trash. This short video tells the story of Naples and its battle with never ending piles of trash exacerbated by "mafiosos" transporting waste from the north into the south.

Check out the video:

This also sheds light on a bigger issue--the huge disparity between the north and south. They are almost like two very different countries. Since Italy joined the Euro, this disparity has become much more apparent. Prices rose when the Euro was introduced--northerners adjusted, southerners are still struggling to survive.

This trash issue really pinpoints one of the issues that demonstrates the vast difference between Italy's two parts. I am glad someone addressed this.

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