Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'll take some international relations please...

I've been studying international relations at Boston University for the past four years, learning about it since I was a kid sitting on top of a big cardboard map which was my favorite toy and articulating their complexities at my internship where I help other high school kids understand them.

International affairs are a need-to-know.  Without 'em we've got nothing.  Isolationism...so history.  That's why I'm studying world affairs and why I work at a non-profit that helps teach high school kids about world affairs.  

And the more I put together materials at work about particular issues, the more I feel like I have an obligation to share my analysis of these issues with other people.  Next year I'll be in grad school learning about international communication--why?  Because without communication this world is going no where.  And if I didn't communicate my thoughts and ideas for this world to someone that would be hypocrisy.  This is my attempt to share my thoughts on what's happening and what's not happening, but really should be happening in this world that we live in.

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